• Unique solution already integrated into the rack
  • Applies to all types of liquid cooling, from small radiators to full cooling plate
  • Ready-to-install solution in a live server room
  • Rack mountable air-cooled equipment
  • Built-in PLC based control unit

Complete turnkey solution

  • Two complete circuits - the pump unit contains everything needed for cooling, both for the internal circuit and for the external one.
  • Ease of implementation - just mount, connect to consumers and to the cooling unit.
  • Monitoring and control system onboard - built-in control and monitoring system for the main parameters with the ability to connect to any AWS of the dispatching system.

High thermal performance of the cooling unit

Energy efficient control system

Performance and power consumption depend only on the actual load, depending on the connected consumers and the released heat energy.

Built-in smart consumer protection

High level of safety - if the parameters of the coolant go beyond the required values, as well as if the circulation of the liquid stops, it is possible to disconnect consumers from the power supply

Meeting modern cooling requirements

The pumping unit is suitable for working with liquid temperatures from +2 to +60 ºС, which complies with ASHRAE W1-W5 standards.

High performance pumps

  • Material - stainless steel.
  • High flow rate and pressure head.
  • Low power consumption, no more than 2200 W.

Operation under a wide range of conditions

  • Anti-condensation - Built-in control valve ensures that the liquid temperature is above the dew point.
  • Safe start at any time of the year - the start algorithm at any time of the year provides protection against low temperatures and freezing.
  • Coolant with a low freezing threshold - the ability to use aqueous glycol solutions as a liquid.

Control and monitoring system

  • Designed Specifically for Liquid Cooling - Self-developed designed for liquid cooling with all control and monitoring requirements in mind.
  • External interfaces - from Ethernet to Modbus. Remote control and connection using your existing building management system or using your mobile phone!
  • Integration with RSC Basis

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