RSC Mobile Data Center for Edge Computing

  • Fully autonomous solution. Powerful and compact Mobile Data Center in 3-4 transport cases. No requirements to external utility subsystems. Can be powered with mobile generator unit.
  • Doesn't require air cooling. All components of the solution can be liquid-cooled, so it has much lower space (premise) requirements for system installation.
  • Fast commissioning. High transition from transport state to operating state and vice versa without specialized tools and/or facilities.
  • Modular unit structure. Module handling doesn't require any special equipment, two people can carry a module without much effort.
  • Efficient cooling system gives the advantage of low noise making it possible to place equipment in general-purpose facilities.
  • Broad range of storage and operating environment requirements

Computing module

Compact, silent and energy-efficient RSC Tornado blades (up to 20 servers, storage systems, network switches) provide the required computing performance and fast storage (x86, Elbrus) in a single module of 5U -14U height.

Cooling module

Functional distribution of the cooling agent in a single portable module. Liquid cooling, all-year operation in Free Cooling mode.

UPS module

Optional module. Provides stable operation without stable power supply.

External cooling module

Provides hot water cooling of the entire IT infrastructure. Mobile unit with quick deployment/decommissioning can be easily connected to internal subsystems of Mobile Data Center.

Control subsystem

Ease of maintenance with RSC BasIS system providing single point of control and monitoring.

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