RSC Data Center for HPC/AI

RSC Data Center for HPC/AI - scope of use: for enterprises using high-performance computing for scientific, engineering and design purposes, creation of digital content, machine learning and big data processing in various combinations providing full control over computing workloads, results and data center storage, as well as centralized and secure control of all processes and building a network of smaller data centers in branch offices. With RSC Data Center solution, you can quickly deploy a fully functional data center even at smaller premises with maximum energy efficiency. This solution flexibly adapts to user workloads and features ready-to-use cooling infrastructure, power system, fire protection systems, security systems, etc. The solution can be scaled from one to many cabinets with composable server and storage architecture. 

Workloads: high-performance computing (HPC), 2/3D graphics (CG) rendering, machine learning (ML/DL), artificial intelligence (AI) and other tasks with flexible configuration and expansion capabilities.

Versatility: RSC Data Center includes all software-configurable subsystems necessary for a modern computing cluster, including powerful servers, hyper-convergent architecture, fast storage with Storage-on-Demand technology, communication and utility networks, power and cooling subsystems, RSC BasIS management system.

On customer's request RSC Data Center can be equipped with access control system, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), fire protection and other systems.

Main advantages

  • Up to 0,95 petaflops performance per x86 cabinet and up to 1,930 petaflops with graphic accelerators.
  • Compact size (up to 153 dual-processor nodes per 42U cabinet (0,8×0,8×2,0 m)). Data Center takes several times less space compared to air-cooled solution.
  • Use of x86 and VLIW architecture
  • Use of Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (including higher tier)
  • Use of MCST Elbrus 4C/8C/8CM processors
  • Energy efficiency (Power Usage Effectiveness = 1,06) – max. 6% power used for system cooling. Hot water cooling up to 60 ºС, all-year operation in Free Cooling mode.
  • High cost efficiency, reduced TCO
  • Fully independent computing nodes
  • High scalability up to several hundred petaflops/pops
  • High reliability and low noise level with RSC's liquid cooling technology and no moving parts
  • No need to install air conditioning systems

Solution infrastructure

Liquid cooling infrastructure maximizes cost-efficiency and is easy to deploy. The infrastructure is based on modular cooling and power supply systems. Cooling system is developed with support of gradual increase of performance by installing pump units depending on actual load on computing equipment. Therefore, modular structure of the cooling system enables deployment of a balanced solution meeting current cooling needs that can be scaled by simply adding cooling and power modules. Liquid cooling system infrastructure is based on validated modules with patented cooling and control scheme providing exactly needed power based on the number of computing elements and actual load.

Control and monitoring

Automated control system has modular structure and can be customized for each specific facility. Automated control system has many integrated units and controls and can be used as an independent monitoring system with SMS alerts or as a protection system capable to switch off components in case of emergency. The control system displays all infrastructure modules in real time with all relevant parameters. RSC BasIS platform is used as the central control system.