RSC Tornado TCC084Z rack

  • Rack for highly loaded servers — all-flash storage and servers with accelerators.
  • 42 full-wide slots or 84 half-wide slots.
  • Standard height 42U, 600 mm width and 1200 mm depth.
  • Backplanes and liquid cooling manifolds are placed inside the rack.
  • 100% liquid cooling, no air flow is required.
  • Glass door with any desired logo or image.

High density with reliable cooling

It is possible to place 20,6 PB of "warm" storage in a single rack on an area of 0,72 m2 using RSC Tornado TDN551 AFS.

High energy density - cooling and powering 100 kW of compute power in a single rack. Coolant supply and power supply are safely separated on different sides of the rack.

Ethernet switches inside the rack

All servers inside the rack can be linked into two independent networks — the control network and the application network. Ethernet switches are already inside the rack.

The rack is designed for the dense cabling placement to connect all servers to the control network, application network, and high-performance high-speed Intel Omni-Path or Mellanox InfiniBandEDR / HDR100 network.

Convenient and easy scaling — quickly expand the number of racks and servers.

  • The installation of the RSK Tornado TCC153B rack is similar to the installation of a any standard IT rack.
  • This unique rack design allows to connect to infrastrucrute systems in one minute.
  • Easy installation of any number of blade servers - you can install or remove any server without interrupting the any other working one. Only one person is needed for installation or removing blade server, precise positioning without special tools.
  • More reliable and absolutely quiet due to the absence of mechanically moving parts.

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