RSC Composable Architecture

Basis Automation

Basis Automation is a platform for the rapid development and integration of complex end-to-end control scenarios for data centers.

It is built on the basis of modern principles of the industrial "Internet of Things" and micro-agent architecture, which makes it possible to reduce the time for the integration of new objects by an order of magnitude, from physical infrastructure with industrial control interfaces to modern computing servers and cloud environments.

Datacenter management platform


  • Active and self-managing platform based on micro-agents 
  • Distributed management Apps, comprised of various active agents which work together to perform complex management scenarios
  • Management platform and management logic are well-divided 
  • Not only compute nodes are under control, but any datacenter object is managed within the platform
  • Object topologies and behaviour of the management system can be easily modified on the fly
  • Combination of 'service discovery' and 'node discovery' approaches
  • Redfish and Intel Rack Scale Design Compliant 
  • SDK for App development

Major features

  • Multi-agent multiservice management platform
  • Everything is treated as management object - compute nodes, virtual machines, user applications, infrastructure components - PDU, pumps, etc.
  • Centralised dynamic repository of objects and services
  • Lazy typification of management objects
  • Dynamic software-defined object topologies support
  • Distributed lightweight messaging queue for agents interaction
  • Agents & Apps lifecycle support
  • Data-defined GUI and CLI interfaces

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