Share of RSC's supercomputers

  • 24% in Top50 of the most powerful supercomputers in Russia and CIS
  • 3 systems are in top ten of the Top50 list
  • 3 RSC's systems are the only representatives of Russia in global IO500 list (JSCC RAS, JNRI, SPbPU) 
  • Over 70% of all Russian systems in global HPCG rating

RSC is the only Russian company that has ever entered top ten in Top500 list of leading global HPC vendors (9th place in 2014). 

RSC Group is a National Champion

Since 2018, RSC participates in “National Champions” priority project implemented by the Ministry of Economical Development of Russian Federation. RSC’s solutions use Russian-manufactured components and technologies: cooling system, monitoring and control system, integrated software stack, efficient power supply and server farm control systems, Russian “Elbrus” processors and system boards.

Our history

In 2009 a small group of like-minded people decided to create a new integrator company for development and implementation of comprehensive supercomputer solutions for the Russian market based on best global and local innovations.

Since that time RSC has transformed from a small team of professionals to a leading developer and integrator of new generation supercomputer solutions based on Intel architectures, advanced liquid cooling and a number of its own know-hows.

RSC Group has the capacity to:

  • Build the most energy efficient solutions with record PUE; 
  • Provide highest computing density in the industry based on standard x86 processors; 
  • Use 100% green design;
  • Provide the highest solution reliability;
  • Completely eliminate acoustic noise of computing modules; 
  • Provide 100% compatibility and guaranteed scalability; 
  • Provide record low TCO because of low power consumption.

RSC's specialists also have the experience of developing and implementing RSC BasIS software stack to improve work efficiency and application of supercomputer systems: from system software to vertically oriented platforms based on cloud computing.

Completed projects 

Projects of the company demonstrate its market position and the level of its solution. RSC Tornado solutions are used by the industry for over 11 years. They are actively used for simulations and the most complex scientific and industrial computations at:

  • Joint Supercomputer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (JSCC RAS)), 
  • St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (SPbPU), 
  • Joint Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna (JINR), 
  • Moscow State University (MSU) 
  • Physical and Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PTI RAS) 
  • Siberian Supercomputer Center of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SSCC SD RAS), 
  • Oceanology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (OI RAS) 
  • South Urals State University (SUSU), 
  • Moscow Physical and Technical Institute (MFTI), 
  • Russian Meteorological Federal Service 

And other Russian customers from various industries, including: 

  • aircraft engine production, 
  • aerospace industry, 
  • motor industry and public transportation, 
  • electrical power industry, 
  • oil and gas industry, 
  • computer graphics and motion picture industry,
  • financial industry
  • machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, expanded analytics,
  • security.

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