29 June 2021

RSC Group and Cornelis Networks Signs up a Partnership Agreement to Expand in the Russian HPC Market

ISC 2021 Digital Event, June 29, 2021 — RSC Group, the leading Russian and worldwide well-known developer and integrator of innovative ultrahigh-dense energy efficient solutions for HPC, data centers, cloud platforms and storage-on-demand systems, and Cornelis Networks, a technology leader delivering purpose-built high performance fabrics for High Performance Computing (HPC), High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to leading commercial, scientific, academic and government organizations, signed up a business partnership agreement to expand on Russian HPC market. According to the agreement RSC Group got the highest Elite+ partnership level from Cornelis Networks. 

Cornelis Networks™ is a technology leader delivering purpose-built, scale-out fabrics accelerating high performance computing, high performance data analytics and artificial intelligence workloads. Cornelis supports over 500 global customer installations serving governments, academic institutions and commercial enterprises in their relentless pursuit of technological and scientific advancements. Cornelis™ Omni-Path Express™, a successor to the company's current fabric solution, is available later this year and will cost-effectively deliver the industry's best network performance at the lowest processor utilization through optimized partitioning of network functions.

‘We hope that RSC and Cornelis could continue to support existing Omni-Path customers in Russia and provide a competitive choice with new high performance fabric solutions to meet their growing needs.’ – said Alexey Shmelev, COO at RSC Group.

‘We are very pleased to continue our relationship with RSC Group, and see significant joint opportunities in the Russian HPC market. As an independent company, our sole focus is on the design and development of high performance fabric solutions providing support for all CPU architectures and GPU accelerators." – commented Ian Wardrope, VP Sales EMEA at Cornelis Networks.

New generation of RSC Tornado solution is oriented on a wide range of demanding scientific research workloads and applied tasks. The updated portfolio of integrated software-defined and reconfigurable solutions targets classic HPC systems, efficient storage and data processing and will help create AI/ML/DL (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning) systems. RSC Tornado solution provides the industry highest x86 architecture computing density of 967.45 Tflops per rack (+37% vs. previous generation), 2.45PB distributed RSC Storage on-Demand per rack (+36% vs. previous generation) with 3.67 TB/s IO bandwidth (2x vs. previous generation) and leading energy efficiency with 100% “hot water” liquid cooling of all electronic components, horizontal scalability from small systems with a few servers to huge clusters or server farms containing many thousands of server nodes. RSC Tornado solutions provide additional cost optimization benefits through support of open standards and new server products.

RSC Tornado solution based on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (up to 40 cores, TDP 270W), Intel Optane persistent memory 200 series, Intel SSDs and high-speed fabric 200 Gb/s has leading footprint and computing density (up to 153 nodes in one standard 42U rack), high energy efficiency and provides stable operation of computing nodes in “hot water” mode with cooling agent temperature up to +65°C at inlets of switching nodes and interconnects. Operation in “hot water” mode enables all-year free cooling (24x365) using only dry coolers running at ambient air temperature up to +50°C, and complete elimination of chillers. As the result, average power usage efficiency factor (PUE) is less than 1.04, which is an outstanding score for HPC industry.