RSC Liquid Cooling

RSC’s direct liquid cooling technology provides precise heat removal using a cooling plate that completely covers all server elements. This approach provides the most efficient heat removal from the entire area of server components preventing local overheating and air pockets. This increases the lifetime of electronic components and improves overall reliability of the solution.

RSC Tornado high-density rack architecture based on RSC's direct liquid cooling technology enables installation of up to 153 high-performance servers into a 800х800х2000 mm rack.

Power usage efficiency (PUE) and “hot water” liquid cooling usage

PUE is widely used to evaluate the efficiency of modern data centers. This parameter is calculated by dividing total power consumption of the data center by consumption of computing equipment. Therefore, the less power is consumed by infrastructure, especially by cooling systems, the closer is PUE to perfect value: 1.0.

When liquid cooling is used, inlet liquid temperature on rack entry may rise up to +60 °С without loss of server performance. Hot water liquid usage greatly reduces power consumption of the cooling system both in form of capital expenses and in form of operational expenses. Liquid cooling doesn't require compressors and the system can operate in free cooling (environmental cooling) mode throughout the year.

“Hot water” liquid cooling technology can provide PUE less than as low as 1.04.