06 October 2016

RSC supercomputers go West

RSC Group (Russia) and M Computers (Czech Republic) signed a business cooperation agreement aiming to expand a marketing promotion and future deployments of the RSC state-of-the-art supercomputing and HPC solutions for a potential customers in Europe.


Moscow - Prague, 6th October, 2016 — RSC Group, the leading developer and system integrator of innovative solutions for high-performance computing (HPC) and data centers in Russia and CIS, concluded a business cooperation agreement with M Computers Ltd., the only company in the Czech Republic with the title of Intel HPC Data Center Specialist. The common objective of the both technology companies is to expand a marketing promotion and future deployments of the RSC state-of-the-art supercomputing and HPC solutions for a potential customers in Europe.

"We were looking for a reliable business partner in European Union, which has solid business experience on the enterprise server market, strong relations with academic and government institutions as well as very professional and well-educated staff in HPC hardware, software and storage solutions to be able to provide a high quality on-site customer support. We believe that partnership with M Computers will help RSC to offer its innovative supercomputing and data center solutions for European clients, which could recognize such advantages of our equipment as the ultimate computing and power density, energy-efficiency, compactness, reliability, ease to manage and maintain." - comments Alexey Shmelev, Chief Operations Officer of RSC Group.

"We were needed a solution for our supercomputing customers and large data centers that would complement our portfolio for highly efficient servers in terms of space, power and cooling. Our demands fulfilled ideally by RSC products and technologies. RSC Group is one of the leading HPC companies around the world due to  its outstanding data center power usage efficiency (PUE) of 1.04 which has been measured at real customer site, unique and patented direct liquid cooling technology enabling a hot water mode (up to 63 °C), as well as the world records of performance and power density of 1.2 PFLOPS and 400 kW per rack accordingly." - says Marek Vasicek, Partner and Chief Financial Officer of M Computers Ltd.


RSC solutions and deployments

RSC demonstrated a new generation of its high performance, scalable and energy-efficient RSC Tornado solution with direct liquid cooling based on the newest multi-core Intel® Xeon Phi 7200 processor (previously code named as Knights Landing) at ISC’16 international conference and exhibition in Germany. New RSC solution has improved footprint and computing density (by 2x up to 528 Tflops per cabinet), high energy efficiency and provides stable operation of computing nodes in “hot water” mode at +63 °С cooling agent temperature at node inputs. This confirms leading position of the company in the field of bringing the latest technologies for global supercomputer industry to the market and meeting growing customer demands.

RSC Tornado cluster solution can also be implemented with Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 server processors (including high-end model Intel® Xeon® E5-2699 v4) providing high computing density of 237 Tflops in a standard 42U (80x80x200 cm) cabinet.

Innovative management and monitoring system of RSC solutions for high-performance computing also provides high availability, resistance to failures and ease of use. It can be used to manage single nodes and the entire solution, including infrastructure components. All elements of the system (computing nodes, power supplies, hydraulic regulation modules, etc.) have an integrated management module providing broad capabilities for detailed telemetry and flexible management. Cabinet design supports replacement of computing nodes, power supplies and hydraulic regulation modules (with redundancy) in hot-swap mode without interruption of system operation. Most components of the system (such as computing nodes, power supplies, network and infrastructure components, etc.) are software-defined, and this significantly simplifies and speeds up initial deployment, maintenance and future upgrades of the system. Liquid cooling of all components ensures their longevity.

Latest innovative approaches in the new generation of RSC Tornado cluster solution enabled dramatic reduction of infrastructure costs within the scope of computing system development and provided capabilities for more flexible upgrades of single nodes and the entire system.

Therefore, RSC solutions for high-performance computing keep setting de facto high industry standards of computing and power density, energy efficiency, reliability, availability and manageability.

The newest RSC solutions and technologies will be on display at the SC16 exhibition (http://sc16.supercomputing.org) on November 14-17, 2016 in Salt Lake City (USA).

Russian customers take advantage of solutions based on RSC Tornado and RSC PetaStream supercomputer architectures since 2009 and 2013 accordingly. These solutions are installed and actively used for modeling and calculation of a broad range of scientific, research and industrial tasks by the Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University named after Peter the Great (SPbPU), Joint Supercomputer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (JSCC RAS), South Ural State University (SUSU), Moscow Physics and Technology Institute (MIPT), Russian Weather Forecast Agency (Roshydromet) and other customers from different vertical industries.