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About company

RSC Group history has begun in 2009 when the team of like-minded persons decided to found a new solution provider company be able to develop and deploy the complex supercomputing solutions based on cutting-edge world class technologies as well as on own original innovative know-how.

In a short period of time RSC emerged as the Russia and CIS leading developer and integrator of innovative ultrahigh-density HPC and data center solutions based on Intel architecture, the latest liquid cooling technologies and its own extensive know-how. Since 2018, RSC is a member of “National Champions” priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

RSC has the potential to create the most energy efficient solutions with record-breaking power usage effectiveness (PUE), the highest computing density in the industry with standard x86-based processors, to use fully "green" design, provide the highest solution reliability, noise-free operation of computing modules, 100% compatibility and guaranteed scalability with unmatched low cost of ownership and low power consumption. RSC specialists also have the experience of developing and implementing an integrated software stack of solutions to improve work efficiency and application of supercomputer systems from system software to vertically oriented platforms based on cloud computing technologies.

RSC’s broad level expertise permits to:

  • create the most energy efficient solutions with record level PUE,

  • achieve the industry-highest compute power density based on x86 standard processors;

  • use the energy efficient green design;

  • provide the highly reliable solutions;

  • achieve the completely noiseless work of computing modules;

  • provide the 100% compatibility and guaranteed scalability;

  • ensure the lowest total cost of ownership thanks to low level of energy consumption.

RSC's World Wide Records:

  • Compute density per 42U cabinet – 1.41 PFlops
  • Power density per 42U cabinet – 400+ kW
  • Node/Server density  per 42U cabinet – 306 x dual socket servers with 350+W TDP 
  • 0.6 PFlops/m3
  • Hot water cooling up to +630С inlet water
  • Best PUE  = 1,027 

Our partners

RSC participates in Intel® Technology Provider Program at Platinum level, Intel® Select Solution for Simulation and Modeling, Intel® Select Solution for Professional Visualization, Intel® HPC and Data Center Specialist, Intel® Fabric Builders, Intel® Solutions for Lustre Reseller Elite programs.

Intel Select SolutionsPerformance and scalability of RSC Tornado solutions are certified as Intel® Cluster Ready.


ZAO RSC Technologies 

121170, Moscow, Kutuzovskiy av., 36, building 23

Tel: +7 (495) 640-3107


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